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Name:The Devils See Mods
YOU ARE DROWNING. Those on land had said it was a bad idea—the language might have been alien, but the fear on their faces spoke tales no words could tell.

It's called The Devil's Sea. It earned that name for a reason! They say that strange things have happened to those who braved its waters, but only one thing is certain… All who have set sail have yet to return.

But for some reason, despite their warnings of tropical typhoons, monsoon rains, and the perils of the deep, you went forth, tossing and turning in your little boat.

You are drowning.

The waters close in on your lungs. The sea is cold, unfeeling, unmerciful. You're sinking…sinking…falling…

When you come to your senses, you're stranded against a cold bank of sand and seaweed—coughing, shivering—mercifully alive. In the near distance, there is a little town. You struggle to your feet and make your way to the wooden huts, to the yellow electric lights. There are other people like you here—those who had set sail but had yet to return. Your mind is buzzing with questions. How did you escape the sea? Why didn't you drown?

But as night falls, you can feel them watching you, and you discover this—drowning would have been the better option.

Welcome to THE DEVILS SEE, a survival horror game inspired by Asian folklore, old wives' tales, superstitions, and urban legends.

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game art © howie tsui. we claim no rights nor ownership.

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